Monet Lamp

An original design inspired by Monet's water lilies.

Apple Blossom Time

Tiffany reproduction with locally-thrown pottery and mosaic base.

Agate and Patchwork

Original design incorporating agate slices.

Piasa Bird

Original mosaic depiction of a local Native American bluff painting.

Ghostly Trio Nightlight

Make the ordinary extraordinary.

Sunday, September 30, 2007


The patterns for some of my leaf pieces were made from leaves I gathered.
The pegs are NOT part of the piece - it's just resting on them.
The hooks under each leaf are made by a local metalworker.

This is a nightlight. Perfect anywhere but especially by the front door.

This turkey makes a lovely centerpiece.

Beautify Your Tissue

The Elsah Autumn Market, 2007

Morgan's Lamp

Red Glass Lamp


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