Monet Lamp

An original design inspired by Monet's water lilies.

Apple Blossom Time

Tiffany reproduction with locally-thrown pottery and mosaic base.

Agate and Patchwork

Original design incorporating agate slices.

Piasa Bird

Original mosaic depiction of a local Native American bluff painting.

Ghostly Trio Nightlight

Make the ordinary extraordinary.

Wednesday, January 23, 2008

What I have been doing 2

This is what I have been busy doing, among other things the last few weeks. It will be going on for some time yet. These lamps take a while but I will be around working and loving what I do.

First the lamp base was thought out and then had to be researched as to how I was going to accomplish it. With the help of the excellent potters at Mississippi Mud Pottery in beautiful downtown Alton, IL the base was started. The metal lamp parts were salvaged from broken lamps at an import company in San Francisco. Still expensive but better than purchasing the repoduction Tiffany lamp base pre-made. I'm cheap, I'll make my own. Then the small "bricks" had to be cut for the mosaic work to begin. The finished product exceeded my expectations. Now I am busy fitting the 560 pieces I have cut for the reproduction Tiffany lamp shade "Apple blossom". Then all must be foiled soldered and patina applied. Wish me luck, I hope you like it! It will be going with me to shows and markets this summer.


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